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Create shared value and future proof your business

As the world is changing, customers are changing too. In order to be future proof, organisations need to align themselves with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. The School of Sustainable Development offers a solution that enables companies to do this through the social and environmental content and action provided by each module.

Two options are available for organisations:

Apply for the Captain's Experience Order a "Plug & Play"-kit

The Captain’s Experience

Available in The Netherlands and South Africa

Organisations can offer the legendary Captain Fanplastic, either in person or online, to schools. Over half a day learners and your employees will enjoy storytelling, learning, innovating and action on a selected SDG. As a company you get:

  • Quantifiable impact on relevant SDG’s
  • (content for annual reports or tenders)
  • Purpose for your employees
  • (actively contributing to a better world)
  • Beautiful marketing & PR content.

Sponsor the Captain's Experience to a school
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Plug & Play Experience

Available in The Netherlands and South Africa

Organisations have the opportunity to wear the captain’s hat. After comprehensive training in storytelling your employees can facilitate a SDG Module at selected schools themselves. Every Plug & Play experience contains:

  • Captain Fanplastic’s book
  • Facilitator guidelines with a QR presentation
  • How to make your own craft items
  • Action sheets (e.g. Treasure Maps)
  • Module test
  • School access to all other SDG E-Learning Modules

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